September 20th, 2002


catch as cat can

Changing the food dish for the cat at least allows me to better tell how much she is eating - she's usually on a self-feeder. But I put some in a separate dish off to the side, and she's eating out of that, a bit. I'm also thinking of getting some soft food or varying her diet a little more than usual. The one thing I can't do really well is check her teeth - they don't seem to bother her, but she's so cranky about me looking in her mouth that it is hard to tell.

Didn't sleep terribly well last night.

If today doesn't present more opportunities for entertainment than yesterday I run a very real risk of falling asleep at my desk.
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How I know it's fall

I have much respect for calendars and cross-quarters and mathematical observances, but...
  • when mornings require a jacket but afternoons make you wish you'd left it home

  • when my brain thinks "drat, it's raining" but my face has a silly grin plastered on it

  • when the sky is that perfect, irreproducible bluer-than-blue, and the light is warm but the air is cool

that's how to tell that it's Fall.
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tick tick tick

Oh, that sound could be so many things. And there are even more things that it could not.

It is not a biological clock (except in the vaguest most possible sense).

It is not an explosive device.

It is not poorly-tuned bamboo wind chimes.

It is not the pad of little cat feet which need their claws clipped.

It is not the moon rattling in a corner of the sky like angry candy.

It could be the carbon dioxide bubbles bouncing off the sides of my soda can, but it is not.

It could be the leaves of the ficus tree delicately giving in to age and gravity and falling to the floor outside my cubicle, but it is not.

It could be the sound of my forehead hitting the desk in disbelief over and over as I read the headlines, but it is not.

It is instead the second hand of my watch taunting me as I try to find something useful and worthwhile with which to occupy this final hour. Maybe I'll go get the windex and clean/dust my desk. That's a suitable Friday afternoon activity...
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