September 7th, 2002


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I think one of the hardest things to learn is that we can't elevate people's worth solely on potential...there also has to be some sweat in reaching it involved.

Words of wisdom from jakeaidan that I should have engraved on my heart.

two-fisted adventures!

Sadly I can't really apply that phrase (or even half of it) to anything I've been up to the last week. One of my Fresnian co-workers was in town to collaborate on a project, which kept me occupied fairly solidly during the day; even resulted in my staying late a couple of occasions. Thusly when I did get home, between that and hormone-cycle induced tiredness I mostly just crashed.

Or read - I finished A Primate's Memoir which I too would recommend to anyone with an interest in primate behavior. Interesting, also, to read about someone studying a species which isn't endangered - the politics are there but less intrusive. Interesting to get a male perspective on the whole "living in Africa studying apes" business - seems like most of the primatologists getting press are female, and in fact aspersions have been cast at the Leakys for seeming to prefer to send out women (a somewhat strange reversal, since early on there were aspersions cast for sending out women to do 'a man's job' of roughing it in the wilderness...). Finally, extremely interesting to read his account of Diane Fossey and her death, especially after Gorillas in the Mist.

Or watched videos: Traffic and the Insider made for an interesting comparison double-feature, legal vs. illegal drugs and the surprising similar tactics the big money interests involved employ in holding their sway. I could have rounded it off with Requiem for a Dream but I wanted to get some sleep and it was a work nite.

Really, the only truly two-fisted activity I've consistently engaged in is paying attention to the cat - which requires both hands even when it doesn't need them, so to speak. Doesn't matter if I'm holding her with one, or petting her with one, she keeps looking around dissatisfied until both hands are employed in serving her every whim. It's not enough unless I'm completely absorbed in her.

No wonder I don't have a boyfriend. *laughter* Why I don't have a girlfriend, though, is anyone's guess. *malicious grin*

cat addendum: of course, I'm due to head out the door at the moment, so NOW is when she comes and drapes herself lovingly on my lap. Sigh.
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