September 6th, 2002


ack. no time.

I'd forgotten what it was like to need to work at work. (nod to holyoutlaw.) What it's meant for me this week mostly is lots of thoughts or comments I want to make, and no time nor mental energy to make them. However, my cohort in crime heads back to Fresno this afternoon, so the blessed silence will almost certainly be shattered shortly.
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I have been spared the requirement to go to Kansas City (for work) in two weeks. I am much relieved, actually. Usually I like traveling, and traveling for work isn't bad - sure, it is rarely anyplace intrinsically interesting, but it's always neat to see how people do things elsewhere places, be it Fresno or Ogden or Andover. But I'll be going to DC the following week, and that will be plenty of routine disruption for the nonce.