August 8th, 2002


no mud in Joyville

notes from the front:

I have many ziplock baggies full of chocolate brownie protein-laden goodness in my kitchen; kudos to rwx to pointing me at the Atkins mixes. Sucralose seems to be neither better nor worse than other sweeteners, for me - that is, it leaves an odd taste in my mouth. But so does sugar, for all of that.

Empirical evidence shows that the sequence of events should ideally be as follows: 1) remove glasses, 2) enter shower. Reversing these steps may result in blurred vision, loud noises, and personal embarrassment. Not to mention tripping over the cat during rectification.

As much as I appreciate elcorazon's donation, Soy-um just doesn't do it for me as creamer for my coffee. Alas...

Cat-cycle this morning: squeak/meow piteously. Paw at lap and clothing, one claw extended for irritation/tangling value. Finally settle on lap/arm after five or ten minutes, looking very smug. Two minutes later, get bored and move on. Repeat at fifteen minute intervals.

Had a nice extended IM chat last night with a friend who just got back from a month or so trip to Japan. He did a bunch of bike touring, ending up by spending a couple of weeks on what sounds like sort of a collective farm, working for his keep. The synchronicitous part was I'd just that afternoon gotten the post-card he sent me (weeks ago, love that international mail - 'This postcard might contain a dangerous explosive! We'd better hang on to it for a while...'). A very brave vacation, just sort of jumping off into Japan at large (with a plan, but one that avoided most touristy spots) armed with only a beginner's knowlege of Japanese - but very like him. I doubt I'd do as well in France, for example, if I simply took a bicycle's worth of camping gear and my rudimentary French skills off into the countryside. It was really excellent to talk with him.