July 29th, 2002


to sum up

Banana muffin-bread worked well this morning - although I forgot to wrap one of the loaves before leaving, so the end dried out a bit. Then quixoticfish and I went down to the Sunday Market - first time I'd ever been, but she was a veteran. Ran into a couple of people from work, which was nice since Lisa doesn't think she's going to have time to come by the office and say hi. Just as well really, since I don't know where the majority of the people she'd want to see are even located anymore, post re-org...

Found Victoria's booth (conveniently, it was the one with rwx lurking in the back) which was what had sparked my interest in heading down there this morning - lovely glassware, gorgeous jewelry. I fell in love with and acquired a magnificent malachite and silver necklace - and I never buy necklaces. This has little square beads with a celtic knot motif in addition to the malachite beads (both round and 'natural' shapes) and the chain is wondrous fine. preen

I was corrected from my impression that I had met Victoria before... she still looks familiar to me, but the timeframe is off. A very talented woman, in any case - it was a pleasure to meet her. I didn't think to ask at the time, but it occurs I may have seen her vending at other events.

Then it was off to West Seattle for the Katemas barbecue. Of course, because the universe is perverse, it began desultorially raining, so we contained ourselves inside and confined the grilling to the front porch. Pretty good turn-out for a school night... I had to have Chris bring me home early, though. Tired, and mis-judged some of the food and was suffering the digestive consequences. But I had a good time while I was there.

Oh, best inadvertent innuendo of the weekend: my completely un-premeditatedly misquoting Dr. Seuss as "Would you do it with a mouse? Would you do it in a house?" during a discussion of Finnegan's Wake.

I love my friends.
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and the thing I keep forgetting to mention - I believe we saw a raven yesterday, as we were walking back to the Adobe parking lot along the water. It was just before we walked under the Fremont bridge - it was sitting on a stone at the water's edge. Size-wise it was on the smallish side, but it had the heavy beak and the glossy blue-black coloring, and the completely silent "I'm not about to open my mouth and give myself away" demeanor I've noticed about them. I'd still be much more in doubt if there had not been a crow proper a few yards off, for comparison. Crows are much less invested in being silent, comparatively speaking, in my experience. They're happy to talk to you, to each other, to themselves...

A raven, in the city! it feels like a good omen, such as it is.
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