July 17th, 2002


issues redux

There is a box staring at me.

It is enjoining me to construct protein-eriffic orange cranberry muffins. (They were out of bread mix.)

The directions are quite simple. Eggs, oil, water, mix (n) - mix (v), pour, bake.

I have a pan. It is not a muffin pan, nor is it a loaf pan, but it is a perfectly adequate pan in which to prepare this item.

I have the ingredients. I have a - no, actually, a choice of Big Mixing Bowls. Unpacked. In the kitchen, even.

There is none of this that I can not do. I have followed successfully far more complex directions with far more dangerous ingredients. I am even hungry, and surprisingly, orange cranberry muffin-bread sounds good.

And yet. The box. Staring at me.

Sigh. Repeat after me: "cooking is not capitulation."

Maybe if I put some shoes on first...
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