July 13th, 2002


mending miscellany

Yesterday was the first day all week without a six-hour nap or two. So I'm clipping through the Epiphany of the Long Sun at a grand rate. All my little wounds are starting to feel stretchy-uncomfortable rather than painful-uncomfortable, so I continue to mend. I need to get my protein levels up some more; some lingering edema in my elephant wrinkles. If I only catch a glimpse of my arms out of the corner of my eye they always look like someone else's to me, anymore - looking like I've been dragged through a knot-hole backwards doesn't help.

I know I'm a bit mended if only because I keep thinking I want to "do" something and then rejecting my ideas. Like go to a movie, for example. Also, I wanted some chocolate last night. *snort* I don't know whether to try and attend breakfast this morning or not...

Before I forget again I want to thank quixoticfish for the gorgeous flowers she sent me, and for calling to check on me in my morphine haze. A thousand thank you's - the bouquet is really nice, visually and olfactorally. Thanks to Angela and Sharkins and amnotsurly and all for phoning, and MiKeK and grouchychris for tracking me down in the 14 corridors of UWMC to entertain me in-person. If I listed out all the emails I'd be here all afternoon - it means a lot to have such well wishes come in from all about.

Of course a muchness of thanks above and beyond are due to faintheart and my mother for hauling my sorry ass hither and yon this last week and keeping me out of trouble... and if I've forgotten to give mention to anyone, it's morphine not malice.
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Yep, I have become pretty damn good at coming up for air in three hour intervals, whether from sleep, reading, or killing pixels. Though if I do have to call for a refill on this scrip, I'm bucking for the pills. This stuff isn't a topical analgesic, so I don't need to be wearing quite so much of it so often. Plus I can only take so much of that nasty faux-cherry flavor. Blech.
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