July 5th, 2002


patience & fortitude

I'm beginning to suspect the universe is serious about this patience stuff. I'm not bored, just a little fretful. Current instructions are wait until 1:00 p.m. then telephone to find out when to come in. Like the airport, they want you there two hours before you are actually scheduled to be rolled into the OR - if things have been pushed back the full two hours they are anticipating, that would be arriving at 3 p.m. with surgery at 5.

Fretful, I say, a little too fretful to do anything much useful, although I have managed to get a bunch of little housekeeping tasks I had been putting off taken care of. Perhaps I shall challenge my mom to a game of Scrabble in a bit.

The 4th at Ulysses was nice yesterday - it actually ended up being primarily people from where he works, some of whom I had met before at other parties. Had a nice chat about pyrotechnics with Joshua - we both want to get our state license but aren't having a lot of luck finding people who are looking for apprentices. Mind you, I don't think either of us have been devoting ourselves to the search 24/7, but it was fun to talk to him. He's interested in special effects - I just like fire.

Uly made Rosemary Sage bread (mmmm) and chocolate chip cookies (the kind with barely enough dough to hold the chips together) and barbecued dead critters for the carnivores. canyonwren was there - first time we'd seen each other face to face in entirely too long. We had a good long chat about all sorts of things, many of which I can't spell so they will just have to remain a mystery. People hung out, people went up on the roof, it was nice and mellow, and I had a fine time.


This has been a long day, as 2 hours of delay turned into 6. But I finally have the word to come in at 7 p.m., so we are leaving pretty shortly. I am tired, cranky, headachy and hungry, but happy that I don't have to reschedule.

I'll be at the UW medical center if anyone wants to brave my invalidhood-inspired irascibility tomorrow. Mom or Ted will probably have my phone, but there's no guarantee they'll answer it - I'll check my messages when I think of it, though, I promise.

Thanks for all the good wishes people have sent so far, too.