July 3rd, 2002



All this writing of various sorts is really cutting into my Diablo II playing, here.

May or may not do coffee this afternoon/evening - depends on my mood.
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and so it goes.

I like Shonen Knife, but I can't write to it. So if you were looking for me at Aurafice and couldn't find me, I'd fled to the computer room where the volume was softer and the music less relentlessly boingy. Plus the couch there is more comfy, and the lower light level suits me, too. If only the floor were level, it would be perfect... it's a neat pattern and a cool idea, but the carvings make it hard for me to keep my balance.

Surgery at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, overnight at the UWMC, then home to convalesce. Part of why I indulged in new books yesterday; now I have something to distract myself with.

Over to Ulysses and Carol's tomorrow, with Mom in tow. This should be interesting... but it'll keep me out of the wine, which is probably best (see above). My mom is pretty damn cool, to be honest - I really don't have any qualms about plunking her down in the middle of all of my wacky friends for an hour or six. I have other friends I'd feel more trepidation about introducing to the Group. They can be a bit intense.

And so, to bed. For an hour or two, at least. Everything I know about sleep I learned from my cat.
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