June 29th, 2002


la la la...

Hi ho, coffee after noon - well, would you look at that, it's 3 a.m. That's why I love the weekends... Ok, to be honest it was more like 'coffee after 8 p.m.' because, damn it, I like coffee. McJulie would say that tars me as a goth no matter what colors I'm flying... but I think part of why she keeps that in her definition is to keep Corey out of it. Works for me.

ah, but the weather today was lovely. I didn't take a coat this morning, because I wanted it to rain. It was perfect walking rain, too - gentle, warm, just a touch of breeze to bring the scent of damp earth. I was wandering around with a silly grin on my face because of it - a nice change, indeed.

Things to do: there's an exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum involving tattoos that I intend to visit tomorrow after breakfast. Breakfast itself, of course. Dancing, ce soir. Perhaps a Quest for Mylar, depending on how butch I feel. My attendance at the Pride Parade has been sporadic over the years - this year I neither have plans to or not to attend, specifically. Something with Garyq? I remember the phone call, but not the decision.

That's probably enough randomness for the nonce.
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halogen side effects?

One thing hasn't changed, metabolically - I am still starving after I swim. Always. Other exercise doesn't affect me like this at all... it's just weird.

I suppose you could argue swimming is the most full-body involving thing I do, but it still doesn't make sense to me. It's probably some bizarre psychosomatic childhood relic from my early lessons at the Y.
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back from the jungles of Ballard

So yes, I wrestled the information on how to get to the Nordic Heritage Museum out of the Metro website. We walked by it on our geocaching hike to Golden Gardens, so I knew where I was going, just not which bus would get there. There was a ten-block jaunt between the bus stop and the museum, but on the way back I didn't find anything closer so I have to back down on my crankyness.

It was kind of an odd exhibit. Ostensibly it was about the Norns, who are beings similar to the Kindly Ones. Three artists were part of the show - one who works in fire, a photographer, and a tattoo artist. The art was interesting - the tattoos, which were what drew me to go see the thing in the first place - were very nice - nice enough to make me think about packing myself off to Denmark to have him do some work for me. The woman who worked in fire displayed photographs of these shapes she'd sort of carved on the hillside with flames, which were sort of anti-climactic compared to the photos of Pyrosutra and Cirque de Flambe that I've seen. The photographer actually turned out to be a sculptor - or something. It really wasn't terribly clear. In particular, other than the title of the exhibit and one small placard, it was remarkably UNclear what any of this had to do with the Norns. Very strange.

Turns out Erik Reime, the tattoo artist, was in town doing guest work at Tina Bafaros studio - back in May, according to a flyer I picked up and am just now looking at. Maybe he'll be back at some point.

Then I went up to Aurafice and scribbled madly for a while, driven into the computer room by the new barista's musical selections. He seems like a real sweetie, but he tends to play music I simply don't care for in a bland throw-away rock kind of way. So I curled up on the couch there and wrote buckets of crap, some of which I may or may not transcribe.

Back home and killing time till Sharkins gets here later. Can't decide if I should try to take a nap or not. I'm actually feeling kind of odd - but it's always strange to talk to Sarah when her brother is around, it seems. I'll mark it down to that and move on.
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