June 23rd, 2002


when your child becomes a monster

Once upon a time, back when I lived in Belltown, I used to go to coffee at the Speakeasy on Thursday afternoons. I would broadcast my intent on the seagoth mailing list; I even had a name for it, although I've forgotten that part. Sometimes I'd be there by myself, sometimes I'd be joined by Raz, C-ko, Ben, Rachel-who-sews (once), TraceyB, Kirsti, others who I beg forgiveness for having forgotten... There was something later that evening that I never actually went to, I think (at Machinewerks?) - it's all sort of lost in the mists of time. This was pre-Aurafice, pre-Mercury, pre-board; it might have even been pre-SGExiles list.

It was recently suggested to me that the Wednesday night coffee at Aurafice is the bastard child of my Thursday coffees. Maybe - probably more through a case of parallel evolution that direct decent, though. I remember there was someone who couldn't make Thursdays who I think began collecting people for coffee at another date and time, but I didn't pay enough attention to recall who it might have been. Surely we can lay the genesis of Wednesday nights at her door?

If I am in any way responsible for what this gathering has become, I only hope the people who attend generously patronize the establishment they are clogging. I'm not overly sanguine this is the case from what I have observed during my rare appearances, though.
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