June 10th, 2002


eclipse today!! and stuff

Partial solar eclipse today, and what do you know - it might actually be visible here! Got my pinholed index card and piece of paper all ready, since my welders goggles went walkabout somewhere along the line. I think it's between 5 & 6 p.m.

I'm - gasp! - posting from work, on break, and it's even legal. They've decided to stop binding the mouths of kine that tread the grain - I know, who'd have thought? Half of it is probably the notion that if it's licit, it's not nearly so much fun.

Best of all, tonight is The Cabinet of Dr. Calligari complete with Theramin accompaniment! It's at the Egyptian at 7; I'll probably hit Aurafice for caffination between leaving work and eclipse watching-for and queueing.

[Tee hee - the spell check doesn't recognize half of what I'm talking about today - not that that's so unusual, but it wants to change Theramin to my father's name Theron. I am amazed Theron is actually in the database! Wonders never cease...]
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Vanilla Coke

Hmm. Not going to be a regular indulgence, I don't think - but not bad. I don't usually drink Cherry Coke either, but I don't dislike it.

Update: it's much tastier properly chilled. The cooler at the store and the walk home allowed it to warm up beyond optimum; I hadn't paid much attention because I like room temperature regular Coke as much as I like it cold. But a sip of the Vanilla Coke this morning after it's been in my properly chilly refrigerator all night tasted far more like what I was expecting from the paens icebluenothing was singing a while back...
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