May 18th, 2002


Demeter and the Kore

Saw a lovely film of this - silent, sepia-toned and set amidst the seagoths. The thing I love about myths is how they are the bones of the story, and how they retain their truths behind the different veils. It's like genotype and phenotype.

back from Bremerton

Played our regular two games of Scrabble where we each win one - Mom and I are pretty evenly matched. I'm no Word Freak but I did have to preen a little at getting SQUIB down on a triple word score square. In the ongoing campaign to eradicate my childhood, the removal of the willow tree, the volunteer walnut and the rosebushes from the back yard conspire with the death and subsequent disappearance of the pine tree from the front yard to make the external aspect of the house I grew up in alien and over-exposed. I shall attempt to take it as a sign and a prop to cope and move on.

Slept better than I expected. Dreamt that icebluenothing was my guide through a labyrinth that ended at a dance club (perhaps the Mercury - I've only see photos so it's hard to say).

I always see-saw between somewhat flummoxed and amused when I travel to Bremerton. I expect to see more people I know - but I'm usually quite happy I don't, since it saves me from having to make awkward and halting conversation. Mind you, my current circumstances make for even more convoluted mental gymnastics than usual. I often go through phases where people just look familiar to me - total strangers fill me with thoughts of 'where do I know them from?' Ancillary to this, I'm a semi-frequent passenger on the ferry boats and I work two blocks from the dock, so there are many, many quasi-familiar faces on the trips I do take. For myself, I certainly don't look much like I used to, though I don't think my face is too changed. So yesterday and this morning, for example, I spent a lot of time wondering if the familiar looking strangers peering curiously at me were people I should know from high school, admiring the color of my hair, or what. I concluded that someone would have to be so bold as to speak to me before I was going to worry about it.
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