May 2nd, 2002


starting small

A trick I've found to combat depression is to keep my goals small. Rather, be certain I break large goals up into easily digestible chunks. The worse the depression, the smaller the goals - but it really does seem to help. "okay, I got out of bed. okay, I took a shower. okay, I made it to work. okay, I made it to work on time."

In that spirit, a triumphant (and only somewhat tongue-in-cheek) list of what I've accomplished yesterday and today:
  • bought conditioner

  • called back about prescription

  • went to pet store, bought cat food and cat litter. Bonus: remembered to get new scratching box (Cosmic Kitty rules!) as well

  • did two loads of laundry. Sadly, forgot to check on load 1 in dryer until just now - dryer being somewhat temperamental. Yup, still damp after 90 min. Grump. Must beard Maintenance in their den and get them to either account for shoddy dryer performance or admit to not having done anything about my two separate repair requests.

  • cleaned litterbox. Swept bathroom.

  • unpacked and broke down two more boxes of stuff. Yes, I'm at the 'stuff' stage, where I find myself unboxing things only to make random piles while thinking "what the hell should I do with this?"

  • threw a number of 'stuff'-type items away. Yes, this deserves its own entry - the only thing that keeps me from full-fledged packrat status is moving every two or three years. You should see my mom's house - it's got 35 years worth of 'stuff' accumulated.

Now if I can scare up the energy to make a couple of phone calls (I hate the phone) I'll have managed to cover everything on today's list and then some. Hurrah!
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