March 23rd, 2002


is there a Pack-Rat's Anonymous? sign me up.

I am at the "where the hell did all this STUFF come from" stage. Often this involves an emergency run to the liquor store - for boxes, not booze. Fortunately I still have boxes left.

Still not feeling terribly well. I refuse to turn the heat up in hopes that will keep me moving. Sat down here to... do something I've forgotten now, was immediately ambushed by cat. Spent some time comforting her - now she's gone off to pull things out of my dresser drawers.

oh yeah. Sat down to sort out this box of stuff into keep/trash. (very tiny box - full of pens, pushpins, RPG figs(!!!), key chains and crap) Yet another in the 'hasn't been opened for two years so why the f-ing hell should I move it one more time?' category... I'm not throwing possibly useful items away, I'm stocking the landfill for my descendents to mine in the post-apocalyptic future.
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