March 20th, 2002


each to each

Dragged myself into work yesterday to find I was giving a presentation. Good thing I wore a dress. Less good thing that I wore my red converse tennis shoes. It was in the computer lab, though, so I doubt many folks were looking at my shoes. The other computer-savvy person in the department had double-booked himself by accident, so I got to pick up the slack since the group in question were part of my customer base, and I'd actually scheduled the presentation in the first place.

Then I had coffee with Ben at Aurafice, after which I came home and did absolutely nothing. Well, I did a fair amount of mental dithering about a number of things, but I certainly didn't accomplish anything. Didn't even turn the computer on...

I discovered the other morning the wages of not wearing my glasses. I'm often in the kitchen without them, making coffee in the morning or some such. I noticed the plastic handle of the coffee pot looked odd, and on closer inspection had a little melted patch. I must have gotten it too close to one of the burners when I was boiling something - in fact I'm almost certain it is from the last time I steamed milk - the steamer has a footprint much smaller than the burner on that corner of the stove - so there's a fairly good-sized portion of the element simply exhausting heat into the air while the steam builds up...

The rain doesn't exactly help me want to move things... I think it may be time to reevaluate my Clever Plan, since I have so far failed to execute it. Going to go by this morning and check the mail at the very least. Take a few ultra-portable things, including the new shower curtain, a towel, some toiletries. Moving on the bus. Ye gods and little fishes...
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paging Demeter...

The last time I saw snowflakes on the first day of spring I was in Montana. Even so, it was only a few, not the deluge we had today.

La la, snow here, melty things going on in Antarctica, nope nothin' to see here, move along...
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following the silver thread

the friends of friends of friends... peeling back the layers of lives. I can spend hours just wandering from livejournal to livejournal. Not always sure I know who I'm reading about, as people's names are mercurial and fluid, or cast like snakeskin.

Meant to go to the Scourge thing at Aurafice, but when I got home from work I didn't have the energy. More to see Violet than to immortalize myself on film, though if I have to be immortalized on film having it done in conjunction with coffee certainly makes the most sense.

Went by and picked up my mail from the new place, to my amusement and chagrin. A raft of junk mail and five letters, none of which were actually addressed directly to me. I'm going to have to call the post office and make sure the correction to my forwarding request went through. My box is up on the topmost row in the mail room, and sorting through it became clear that not all of the past tenants were as assiduous in their mail collection as I. There were two stale Seattle City Light bills from last July, for example. About 90% of the junk mail was flyers for other apartment complexes or condominiums, or realtors. Desperate measures for desperate times, I guess.

I still have to track down some movers. Bleah.
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oh, yes - this is rich

I figured out what was giving me the blue screen of death on every bloody power cycle of the computer. My virus checking program. I guess that's what comes of grafting the 2002 scan engine onto PCcillin '98. Time to cut to the chase and pick up a copy of Norton, I suppose. Hoi.
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