March 18th, 2002


home with the crud

Ben claims it's the flu; I'm not so sure. Mine seems to be localized at the base of my throat - my voice comes and goes, and I'm a little congested. Things feel a little scratchy in the neighborhood of my epiglottis. But my sinuses have stayed pretty clear, and I'm not really coughing. I'm not running a fever, but I rarely run a fever unless I'm on the verge of dying - do you know what a pain that is? My temperature actually drops when I'm ill with most stuff. Fever is such a common diagnostic factor, just try convincing one of these over-the-phone pre-approval insurance hotline nurse folks that you're actually sick if you're not running a fever. At least after having the same physician for a few years, now that she's seen me show up a number of times obviously ailing with a temperature somewhere between 96.5 F and normal (98.6 F), she doesn't mark me down as faking - excuse me, being a hypochondriac. Not that Diane ever did - but while I was growing up, or when I'd see Dr. Random-on-call at the university health clinic, it was more of a problem.

Anyway, the zinc lozenges seem to help. So does napping. Ah, napping...
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Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day

Ulysses and Carol's party was delightful, I should mention. We celebrated being northern european mongrels with varying degrees of Irish heritage and green attire. Lots of good food (of course - Ulysses == good food) starting with pancakes for breakfast through corned beef and cabbage with potatoes in the evening. (No, not for me - I subsisted on homemade rosemary bread and various Irish cheeses during the meat course.) Games and talking and hanging out - I had a really nice time.

I was in charge of Coffee! and coffee there was. Press pot and hand grinder - don't ask me why such a technophile as myself delights so much in being able to make coffee totally by hand, but I do. Yes, I used electricity to boil the water on the stove, but I think they would have complained had I set fire to their kitchen just to be ultra-primitive. I enjoy the fact that you get superior coffee from a method that is so ...basic.
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one six hour nap later

I'm still sleepy. But I did accomplish a few things today - cleared the Secret Cow Level with Goroc the Druid, for example. Ok, in real life I got my landline ordered for the new apartment, DSL and so forth.

Had the miraculous experience of talking with a Qwest representative who was knowledgeable, pleasant, understandable and able to accomplish what I needed even though my situation was a trifle unusual. If this sort of thing doesn't stop, my faith in humanity might actually be restored... ok, let's not get premature, Joy, they still haven't actually connected things. Wait and see.
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