March 7th, 2002



It's supposed to snow today. I have no trouble believing that if we get any precipitation, it will be snow. I'm often cold, post surgery, but that's an inside-bones thing not an air-temperature thing.

I just hope we get enough for people to be sensible, and not just-enough-to-be-annoying. It's best when it happens at night, but this is supposed to be a during the day thing - so much so that the forecast discussion sounds like it'll be gone and warm again by the weekend. When it snows during the day and looks like it's going to hang around, everyone freaks. People don't want to close the building, but they don't want a repeat of a few years back when a number of employees were stranded in the building overnight. So they usually institute a "liberal leave policy" meaning if you've got annual leave and you want to go, you can. Then everyone who lives in the outlying districts vanishes...

Oh well, it'll be something to do. Wizard of the net that I am [snort] I'm often called upon to help people find the satellite weather photos, etc.
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It's snowing!!

And actually sticking a bit.

And I'm just insane enough to accept an invitation to coffee from Ben anyway.

Whee! (I'm gonna freeze my ass off...)
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