February 19th, 2002


bagels of loooooove

I have six home-made bagels in my kitchen, and one home-made bagel in my tummy. I even got to help alter them topologically from sphere to torus. It is both simple and complex, this business of bagels. I wanted to see the process, so I convinced Ben to let me watch him make a batch.

Ben cooks - which I think is really keen. I know how to cook - but I have no flair for it, and no love of it, so I don't tend to do it very often. When I do, it always seems to be a production - and even the little I helped with the bagels tonight resulted in me being floured from head to toe to an absurd degree considering the minor amount of my participation. So I really admire people for whom it seems to be second nature, the easiest thing in the world. It was marvelous to watch; he's very deft.

Sometimes I think in some ways it's a distinct pity we're not romantically inclined toward each other. Other times I'm certain it's just as well, that we'd kill each other within a week. In either case, he makes a damn fine bagel, even when he has to tweak the recipe.
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all gussied up *again*

The commissioner is in town, so here I am all dressed up again for work. I don't really mind dressing up - I have enough Narnian clothes (look good *and* are comfortable) for it to be less of a chore than it's been in the past. I'm still in transition with regards to my fashion sense (and my wardrobe) in that I'm still discovering what looks good to me on me in my post-surgery body. Strange not to mind skirts that show my legs, for example.
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pensive but content

Yes, occasionally even I have moments of peace.


The Commissioner of the IRS graced us with his presence today, as I mentioned. Very charismatic, he was pleasant to listen to even though he didn't really impart any new information. I actually do admire him - he has accomplished more positive things than any of the other commissioners we've had since I started work there. He deserves canonization for kicking the technological infrastructure into the nineteenth century, if nothing else. That he continued to drag us forward into the 20th and may yet succeed in goading us into the 21st before he's history in November is even more miraculous.
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