February 2nd, 2002


Cannot find server my [deleted]

Ah, the siren song of attbi. "Cannot find server" - not with both hands and a push, even.

They sent me a letter, did AT&T, talking about how their migration was complete even faster than they expected. This must be migration to pigeon-packet, or some other arcane method of providing service...

I'm thinking DSL may well become a requirement for my new domicile. I didn't think this sort of thing could possibly bother me as much as it does.

I think the most irritating this is the exponential growth of the list of websites I can't load anymore because... well, because they don't load, mostly. If I don't get the ever popular 'Cannot find server' I simply get hours and hours of spinning logo and crawling loading bar and 'opening http://whatever'. I do mean hours here - I've left pages "loading" while I wandered off to do something else, and completely forgotten until three or four hours have passed. When I've returned, they are no closer to being loaded than they were when I left. Grump.
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Suzanne Vega!

On the other hand, I'm moments away from being picked up by Sarah Pearson to go see Suzanne Vega! Providing Sarah can find my house - just finished phone call #2 of direction-giving. It's not really her fault - she missed the pre-exit exit (which I forgot to warn her about when I gave her the directions) and ended up taking the 4th Ave. exit instead of the James street one - thus getting sucked into the labyrinth of Rainier Valley. We got her back on 23rd, though, and as long as she got pointed North instead of South she'll arrive shortly. :)

Update: she's here!!
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