February 1st, 2002


bad dreams

I just woke up from one. I stayed home from work today, because I ate something last night that made me ill. (One of the side effects of gastric bypass surgery, alas. One I'm happy to accept, though.) I seem to be having trouble lately - if I'm warm enough to sleep, I'm warm enough to have nightmares.

This one involved traveling and moving both. [These are familiar nightmare subjects for me.] Not only was I traveling, by a strange subway, to a new job - but I had to haul all of my belongings with me on a daily basis. It was one continual rush. It was awful. Then we apparently lost what little status we had had (the group I was with) since they no longer gave us our coffee cups at breakfast each morning. I was frantic - I couldn't figure out what we had done (or hadn't done) and there was no way to find out - no one to ask, nothing to read, and everyone who seemed to know what they were doing simply claimed to be making it up as they went along.

I woke up breathing hard and disoriented. I'm still disoriented twenty minutes later. It's one of those lingering things, I guess. I hate this.
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I have not loaded a single web page without some kind of error since the Excite@home debacle. I've had dial up connections that worked better than this 'blazing fast' lack of service. If this is "capitalism working" I hate to think what things are like when the system breaks down.
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today - mostly a wash

Stayed home from work. Rescheduled my coffee date. Felt ill all day. Suffered nightmares, and lingering cognitive dissonance. Avoided email. [That's the worst sign, so far.]

Got invited to the Suzanne Vega concert tomorrow night, though. That will be cool. It will make a nice break from doing laundry for my trip to New York.

Did I mention work is sending me to New York for a week? I forget, and I'm too tired to check.

Am lamely going to bed before nine pm on a friday night. Phooey.
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