January 29th, 2002


Back from the coast

Not that I didn't have a good time. It's probably just a reaction to being not-alone for the past three days and nights, more than anything. I was happy while I was there, and I'm happy to be home. But I'm still melancholy. I'm sure I'll have more to say later - may do some cutting and pasting if I feel like typing in stuff from my longhand journal.

Maybe it's this headache. Bah, I'm getting old.
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Back when I was pursuing a position at the Foreign Service, a friend at work asked me if there was a side of me he didn't know about - said I seemed like kind of a homebody to him. Not, in other words, the sort of person to whom being a Foreign Service Officer would appeal, what with all the travel.
Now, granted, one of the reasons I thought being a FSO would be cool was the opportunity to travel to strange places and get paid for it. But I got to thinking about what my friend had said, and he's right. I enjoy going places, but I like being home, too. I (still) don't have a passport, though I've been meaning to get one for years.

What brings this up in part is being accepted on a task force for work that is going to involve traveling - to Brookhaven NY for starters. Even though I have today off work I think I may stop by to make the arrangements. It's good to have lead time on this sort of thing. Part of me thinks 'cool' and part thinks 'I hate packing' and 'shit, have to find a cat-sitter at short notice'...
Still, the work will be interesting, I think. Another reason to stop in to work, to get the details on just what it is I'm supposedly going to be doing. Heh.
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Count of Monte Cristo

Went to see this with Ben this afternoon. Not bad - worth seeing if you like swashbuckling movies. Guy Pierce is convincingly eeeevil. While I knew the general outlines of the story, this is the first time I've actually seen a depiction of it entirely. I'm not sure if the ending was altered - I guess I'm going to have to read the original book.

It was a pleasant day. Started with coffee at Aurifice, then to the film. Afterwards we walked to Belltown to run some errands. Then we walked part-way home, parting when I reached a sheltered bus stop. It was snowing at that point.

Back to work tomorrow. Which will involve, in part, making plans to head eastward to Brookhaven NY for a week. I think; the message I got mentioned both Brookhaven and Chicago, but when I originally spoke to my boss last Thursday he only talked about NY. We shall see. My poor cat - I'm never home, she thinks.
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