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there's an edge? that bleeds?

Looks like I jumped ship from blogger to live journal about the time everybody else was deciding it was the best thing since sliced toast. I still like lj better, but I've been poking around on the 'other side' since that's where the Names have decided to locate - and I keep stumbling into blogs of various pundits and 'embedded' journalists whilst pursuing my (non)information addiction.

I can't help but laugh, by the by, over the term embedded regarding the journalists who are out in the field with the troops. You see, I too am embedded. Yes, I am the embedded Learning & Education HRS for W&I (ignore the alphabet soup, it's irrelevant), or one of them. My personal joke is that "yes, and I'm embedded about up to here [hand horizontal at eye level]." The nature of the substance into which I've been sunk I will leave as an exercise for the reader.

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