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Not much to speak of - I turned my brain to mush first thing this morning with the World's Longest Conference Call (2.5 hours), so after that the day was a pleasant custard-filled hum of white noise.

Well, that's an exaggeration, I suppose. I attended the Women's History Month celebration which was notable mainly for the one speaker's remarks that 'men were the head of the household, the breadwinners' but that women had a unique perspective that should be valued. I damn near fell off my chair. Oh, but the irony gets even stronger: the keynote speaker was the national president of FEW - Federally Employed Women. Man-the-breadwinner my ass... It was flat-out weird, and you could see the audience doing a collective "eh?"

I have to go to Fresno next week for another face to face group meeting. Well, that's the plan - who knows what Monday will bring in terms of whether SeaTac is open, closed, or providing free cavity searches. grouchychris has graciously agreed to keep an eye on my cat. SATO, our travel agency, sent me a third copy of my itinerary today. My guess is that it is because today was the actual day they issued my electronic ticket, but it could just be some kind of glitch. They regularly send me two copies initially - my guess is because they probably have both the old-but-still-pointed-to address as well as my current one. Hey, I got an email the other day that was addressed to - and that's an address that hasn't existed for at least a decade. Back in the day when the machines at WWU were named unicorn and nessie, before everything got so damn prosaic. Oh well, the only constant is change, to bounce a tangent off Octavia Butler.

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