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I need a new keyboard

Xiombarg spilled a glass of water into my keyboard, and now...

Well,9 if I don7'0t make use of the backspace key,9 I get little ex3tra n7umbers with a lot of my letters. Oh,9 an7d I say backspace to mean7 backspace - the delete key isn7'0t workin7g either. N&i is a remarkably common7 letter,9 you kn7ow that? I feel like some kin7d of x3n7n7t d'0'0d. It'0s as though two sets of keys hav5e been7 lin7ked <(you can7 see what I mean7") - they seem to trav5el together. If I'0m lookin7g for an7 X# I get the x3 an7d the x3 whether I type the letter key or the n7umber key...

So you see, my backspace key (and worse yet my backspace finger) are getting an extra workout they don't really need. Arrgh.

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