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report from the mice, day 1

Yesterday went better than I expected, in that we filled the entire day in a reasonably productive manner, without it seeming like a lot of extra effort. Today should go fairly fast as well, as in the morning we have a Meet the Customers/Meet the Supervisor session; in the afternoon we have our regular weekly staff meeting/conference call.

Then we may end up leaving early - SNOW is sponsoring a "Circle the Federal Building" protest to support the UN peace effort and oppose the attack on Iraq at 3 p.m. this afternoon. We've been getting GSA/FPS bulletins all week mentioning that some members of the protest are training in civil disobedience/how to be arrested, and despite the "N" in SNOW standing for Nonviolent, a number of people are planning to leave early so as not to get caught in the traffic/civil uprising.

I'm thinking for the most part anyone who leaves early out of genuine fear (as opposed to simply taking advantage of the liberal leave policy) is over-reacting. On the other hand, it did take a bit of creative googleing yesterday to find out who was running the show, even with my glancing knowledge of the local activist community. I wouldn't be surprised if no-one else bothered to do their homework; the bulletins have been entirely silent on the matter of naming involved organizations. It isn't as though the federal workforce is 100% pro-war - far from it, in my experience it seems to be about as divided as the general populace - but I think WTO had the unfortunate effect of allowing some of the more sheltered individuals to equate "protesters" with "window-smashing anarchists". And no-one likes to be shouted at - there were some unfortunate incidents back in the early '90s with anti-Gulf War protests being an excuse to hassle and abuse federal employees.

Being as we have to get my boss on a plane home this afternoon/evening, we may leave early simply from a logistical standpoint. The plan is to play it by ear - we should be able to tell by the end of the staff meeting/call whether things are going to get difficult or not. The day still has the potential to get personally hairy; somewhere on the agenda is supposed to be discussing my annual appraisal. However, since until yesterday my boss thought it was just my mid-year review that was due, maybe I'm off the hook other than turning in my self-assessment. Well, one can hope...

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