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My boss is in town for the next two days - or rather, she will be after 10 a.m. this morning. Normally this wouldn't be a problem - and it still isn't really a problem, but it's making me uncomfortable for some reason.

Actually, a possible reason just occurs: the last time I had a new boss visit my home POD for the first time we didn't get much chance to talk, because it was the second week of September 2001. Pavlov could have had a field day with me... though I'm sure a lot of my discomfort is present unease about the Iraq not-yet-officially-a-war. I'm pretty calm about things intellectually; emotionally I'm sensitive enough that I've been jumping every time the telephone rings.

The main problem with my current boss is she is easily distracted. This, for me, means that whether she actually grasps the details of a situation or not, it appears that she hasn't got a clue. The trick is keeping her focused - not as easy to do remotely as it could be. Rumor has it she's hard-core ADD, and it would certainly match the profile. Unfortunately, since I hate being the center of attention, my reaction to someone losing focus on me is often a sigh of relief. So I often find it difficult to assert my presence and bring things back on topic... Plus it neatly pushes all of my "If I was a valued contributor to this, maybe she would pay attention" buttons. So it will doubtless be an interesting couple of days.

At least this time I've got a co-worker to help wrangle and schedule and so forth.

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