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Finally watched Se7en last night. No argument at all with any of the folks who told me it was an icky movie. Though I found the opening credits sequence to be the most personally creepy of all - far, far more than anything in the movie proper.

Mostly I had been going to give it a miss - it has been out since 1995, after all - but ended up deciding to watch it as part of my "Kevin Spacey was in that?" film fest. Though let me tell you, I'm still not likely to watch Goldmember or Pay It Forward even so.

As a heavy person I'm a little peeved at the portrayal of the sin of Gluttony. But it sure as hell followed the party line - the pity thing is it's not just insane murderous psychopaths who believe fat people are fat because they are bad/sinful/weak-willed/whatthefuckever. Yes, I realize the lawyer, prostitute, junkie and plastic surgery woman were also stereotypes, but they didn't get five paragraphs of expository exculpation... I also realize that it is a sensitive issue for me, and a fairly personal one as well.

Actually, if I had time and inclination, I could probably get irritated about the sin of Lust murder as well. In the interest of getting to work before three in the afternoon, though, I will womanfully stuff my burgeoning feminist critique back in its box and leave well enough alone.

It certainly had some annoyingly and persistently striking imagery that I wouldn't mind getting out of my head. Time for the fluffy bunnies squad, clearly.

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