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not nearly misty enough, thank you very much

A fair number of the boxes sitting about have been used as scratching posts by my beloved furball, to the extent of losing their structural integrity. I picked up some plastic storage boxes at Costco for packing/storing some of the contents I don't need terribly often. I figured that getting the things I'd planned to put in these boxes organized and stored would be a reasonably painless way to start the whole packing-to-move ordeal.

So I repacked my box o' journals. Of course, I can't do something like that without dipping in and reading a page here and there. Makes me wonder why I keep them - I'm positively queasy at some of it. I wonder if I'll have the same reaction to this (lj) ten years down the line. Part of me wants to burn them, part of me wants to hang on to them as a giant series of object lessons so I never behave as I did again...

Memories. Ugh.

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