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Pretty decent day, all told, and it isn't even over yet.

Breakfast at the Green Cat, which delightfully is back in business under the original ownership. I'd heard of it for years as a great vegetarian cafe, but when I finally went there, it had been sold and was beginning a rapid decline into going out of business. Then I was walking to B&O Espresso one weekend morning, and I noticed a notice on the door claiming the old owners had reclaimed the establishment, and would be re-opening shortly. And huzzah! so has it been.

It's not the place to take a huge crowd of folks, mostly because the kitchen is tiny and you order your food at the counter, then go sit - so things come out serially instead of in parallel, thus if you're last in line you get to look wistfully at everyone else's food until yours arrives. It's mighty delicious, though, and I had a hard time choosing what to have. The coffee is pretty good too, Cafe Umbra I think was the name.

Of course the vegetarian restaruant with stunningly good coffee is the Sunlight Cafe up north in Roosevelt at 64th. These folks claim they are the longest standing herbivorous restaurant in Seattle. Which goes a ways toward explaining a few things. Sunlight Cafe has more -- how to say? -- 'traditional' vegitarian fare, perhaps. Meaning hippie-esque or 'granola' I guess, but in a good way. For example, there's honey on the tables for sweetener instead of sugar, but they'll bring you sugar if you ask. The word 'tahini' has a conspicuous presence on the menu. Their 'whole wheat English muffin', while quite tasty, isn't very English - it's much more like a regular roll in texture. But (or should that be 'and') everything I've had is really, really good. Part of what I like about it is other than the above-mentioned signals, there's nothing that overtly trumpets vegetarian - they just make great food that happens not to have any meat in it. Obviously I've become a fan.

Got all domestic and cleaned the tub, did several loads of laundry, and ran the dishwasher. Worked some crosswords, took a (short even!) nap, played Diablo II.

Next up, changing the catbox, taking the trash out, and checking the snailmail. Then I may or may not watch one of the movies I have from Netflix languishing around the house. I had briefly considered trying the Vanguard extended FOTR viewing but at last count there were some 15-odd (note the hyphen, please) people planning on being there, and I'm suddenly having an attack of not-terribly-social-ness. I skipped the chance to see Shanghai Knights this afternoon with grouchychris and faintheart, too, so the movies will probably continue to languish until I'm more in the mood for cinema.

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