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just for the record

I do not sell things. I do not market things. I do not proselytize. If I wanted to do such things, I would be pursuing another line of work. Which, you might notice, I am.

I think "performance consulting" is the latest hand-waving bullshit to come bouncing down the pike, and of course the shitheads lap it up, they're already inured to the taste of feces. I did not sign on to be a performance consultant, and as a result I may well be signing off earlier than I had planned.

I'm not sure why, but I've simply lost all my patience with this nonsense. I can tell you when, though - about 4:07 this afternoon. *ffft*, gone - like a pan boiling dry I could feel things in my brain start to heat up and crack.

Tomorrow may be better, or tomorrow may be worse: my boss wants some sort of 'performance consulting' song and dance out of me at our group meeting/conference call tomorrow morning. We'll see if I've walked or not by tomorrow afternoon.

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