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there's snow and snow

So Ben and I sat in the window of Aurafice last night, watching the snow try to decide whether it was going to fall, or stick or what. Interestingly enough, there were regular flashes of lightning. I've never heard of a snowstorm with lightning, not that it doesn't make sense... and no, it wasn't just sparks from the trolley busses going by, like we thought at first. The snow came down in fits and starts, and threatened to stick but never quite did...

So finally around 11:20 p.m. we were done being there, and headed out to go home. Then, of course, it decided to snow in earnest, and even stick to the streets some. We parted ways at the usual corner, and I traipsed off to huddle under the awning of the Egyptian theatre and wait for the #11 bus that was due at 12:05 a.m.

The first half-hour wasn't bad - the snow was fun to watch, it was actually sticking - people were doing the Seattle snow dance of astonished playfulness; it was cute and entertaining to watch. A #10 bus came by. The final showing of the movie let out, and people would almost invariably squeal some variation of "snow!!" as they exited the theatre. Then 12:05 a.m. arrived, and no #11. No #7 either, come to think of it, as other waiting patrons murmured. The snow tapered off, and even though water started running in the gutter as some of it melted, it began to feel colder. Another #10 lumbered by, and I flirted briefly with the idea of riding it up to the top of the hill and walking down the hill to home, but the sidewalks were looking slippery, and that's not the safest or best lit part of town to be wandering about in after midnight.

12:30 a.m. and neither the #11 or #7 have shown themselves, heading in either direction. It occurs to me that both these runs head south on the 'flip side' - the 11 turns in to the 21 and goes to West Seattle, where MikeK has reported 3 inches of snow on his porch, and the 7 heads into Rainier Valley, where overheard rumor posits a fairly good-sized accumulation. I am starting to get REALLY cold now, muscle-achy cold.

At 12:48 a.m. I determine that I can't feel my feet, I have a non-stop sniffle, and there is probably not going to be either a 12:05 a.m. or a 1:05 a.m. #11 to carry me over the hill. So I stiffly clump off towards QFC, where I know the taxi drivers like to hang out. I manage to flag one down before too long, and slip into the blessed warmth of the back seat. On our way to my house, on the crest of the hill at 18th and Union we pass four trolley busses lined up over at the side of the road: a #3, a #4, and two #2s. The taxi-driver regales me with how he's just up from Rainer Valley where there's not much snow but a lot of ice, and tells me the West Seattle bridge was closed for a bit earlier, so I consider my earlier conjectures about the non-appearances of the #7 and #11 validated.

I'm home just after 1 a.m. but it takes me until 2 a.m. to thaw out enough to be sleepy... there's a couple of inches still here on the lawns, and 23rd street is still pretty slushy. The #48s have been trundling by, but I decided not to mess with trying to get over the hill into work.

It was sunny when I got up, but the sky is kind of lowering now... I haven't looked at a forecast, though.

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