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One of the florescents in my kitchen is going, and it gives everything a sickly grey sheen. It's also vaguely nauseating. It's slowed to the point that the strobing is barely perceptible when I'm not focusing on anything in particular, or from the corner of my eye.

It's the kind of light I think about when musing on cthulhu.

I really prefer natural light, then incandescent, then florescent. So much so that I'd rather have or work in dim natural lighting than strong florescent. I can't count the times someone has come upon me "sitting in the dark" and blasted me with electric light when really, I'd had plenty of light to begin with.

I wonder sometimes if it would be possible to design a house that was lit primarily with natural light - you'd need to have electric lights after sundown or in closets and on really grey days, of course - but I think with the clever use of skylights and mirrors you could probably arrange things so it would work.

Then there are these lightbox things - holyoutlaw's post the other day reminded me I've been meaning to do some research on them.

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