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Ok, who let the demons of 'everything happens at once' into my life? Apparently I've been tapped for a 90-120 day detail of some sort working with the training database team. I'm not complaining - on the contrary, I'm flattered and delighted, since they apparently requested me by name. But it's likely to start mid- to late-February, and I found out yesterday. Not only does this approach the most exciting assignment I've ever had in this job, but the other people on the project are cool, too.

The only reason it disturbs me at all is there may be some travel involved, probably to Dallas, but possibly to Detroit. Even this wouldn't be too much of a difficulty if I wasn't moving out of my apartment in March... an operation that becomes much trickier to conduct if I'm out of state. Then there's the cat - I doubt taking her with me is a viable solution, but I also don't like the idea of moving her into a new household with two other cats and abandoning her for 4 months. (I know I wouldn't be abandoning her, but I'm sure she would feel like I was.)

So it's good, really - heck, it will be something fresh and new to worry about, to take my mind off of fretting about waiting to hear from the graduate school. The absolute particulars have yet to be hammered out yet - which is also good, based on the email I got yesterday I was worried they would be expecting me to get on a plane on Monday. (Don't laugh, some of the procrastination-mode planners around here would consider that ample notice...) It's actually kind of exciting, because it will involve working on migrating the database to the new Learning Management System (I think) which while a massive pain in the ass should also be fun to be involved with. Give me a pile of data, no matter how messy, to plunge my arms into up to my elbows over 'marketing my skills' and 'performance consulting' and so-called 'customer service' any day!

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