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The Washington Post's Michael Kinsley pretty much sums up the majority of my problems with both the recent State of the Union speech and the apparently inevitable skid down the slippery slope toward war with Iraq in this article: Morally Unserious.

There is one of my objections he doesn't address - most likely because it's another level abstracted from where his analysis lies. I am profoundly distressed by the entire notion of the right, if not the duty, of the U.S. to make some sort of 'preemptive strike' to preserve peace, save the world, or achieve whatever subject goal is being discussed.

It makes the peace Bush claims to be seeking ring ominously of Pax Romana and Pax Britannica; the empire ruling its subject countries 'for their own good' - since they've so obviously botched the job themselves - and dispensing justice after its own fashion whether or not it is appropriate, simply because it can.


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