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I watched the Superbowl yesterday, and even mostly enjoyed it.

Part of it was simply hanging out with football in the background on a Sunday afternoon took me back to childhood and my father - but again, in a good way for once. I shut my eyes a bit during the second quarter when nothing much was going on, and curled up on my half of the couch with the tweeting of the game in my ears was kind of pleasant.

Part of it was the company, and playing Apples to Apples, which did indeed turn out to be every bit as entertaining as sculpin described. It was one of those lovely lazy days where Carol & Ulysses invited people over for pancakes, which turned into watching the game and playing games, then into watching South Park (or listening to South Park in my case, I was working on crosswords) and finally wandering home after about 12 hours, all told.

Oh, and the heavens forfend I should forget the little zoomy-cars that Ulysses has gotten into of late. Those miniature remote-controlled cars that I was getting 12 spam a day about around the holiday, yes. I can't steer them worth a damn, so I get bored rapidly, but I can still understand the appeal. Not only are they way cute, but you can get kits to customize them, different motors to swap in and out, etc. Random bits of computer hardware across the nation are languishing while geeks build miniature race tracks from cubicle to cubicle instead...

The only downside was my usual drinking too much espresso to sleep more than a few hours over the weekend, meaning I'm a tired puppy at the moment. But happy.

Pity the commercials weren't better.

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