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The wheres and the whats of the moment:
  • Watched Once Upon a Time in China I, II & III last night. Well, it was really only about the last quarter of I, since I'd watched the majority of it a week or so ago. Learned 'Tsui' as in Tsui Hark (the director) is apparently pronounced "choy". Oops, I've been saying "swee" with the 'ts' of tsar. I'd also completely forgotten that I'd seen III before - but the plot was kind of lame, what the movie has to recommend it (outside of completeness sake if one is watching all gazillion OUaTiC movies) is the lion dances. The one at the end was where I remembered I'd seen the film before. I'm reminded that Chinese New Year is Feb. 1st this time around - I wonder if Sharkins is interested in doing something?

  • Breakfasted at the Library Cafe - which I enjoy but often fail to remember because it's best for groups smaller than the horde we usually travel in.

  • Made the acquaintance of Top Ten Toys - pretty keen independent toy shop on 85th by the Fred Meyer there.

  • Chicago, which I saw in the company of Garyq, is a damn fine film (if you like musicals at all). I got into it quite a bit more than I was expecting - it's always nice to be pleasantly surprised. I'll agree with the review I read that said Queen Latifa as Matron Mama give the best vocal performance, but the three principles certainly turn in decent performances, the credits for which insist they did themselves.

  • Finally obtained a suitable turn-of-the-year gift for grouchychris. Now the trick will be remembering to cart it along the next time I see him.

About my uncle, (as played by Kevin Spacey) and the huge new fancy house he'd built here in town, and the non-stop party taking place there that I was at until the phone woke me this morning. Where his office had a two level hot-tub/pool built-in. Where everyone who was wearing clothes was clad in lovely brocade outfits (*that* comes right out of the OUaTiC movies, I know - and yes, Kevin Spacey was doubtless present due to Wednesday's festivities). Where people kept coming in and out, but I never seemed to be able to leave... One of those dreams that sort of hangs with you in the background, and tends to sneak in behind your eyelids, so when you shut your eyes there it is again. Crazy...

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