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...the building manager would like you to remain at your workstation...

Between fire drills and conference calls today has been completely shot. I arrived at 8:00 a.m. on the dot, W&G time - and immediately logged in to a conference call for one of the programs I coordinate. Of course, the people running the call are back east, so it's 11 a.m. for them, and they don't always remember those of us here on the west coast are just getting into the office, revving up our brains, mainlining our coffee, etc. Fortunately I'm an 'R' who works for 'W&I' so I'm far enough down the roll-call that I've usually caught my breath by the time they get to me.

The fire drills aren't too much of a pain - usually I'm only curious as to whether it happens to be a scheduled drill or an actual alarm (valid or not). Of course, the elevators are all recalled to the 1st floor right away - so if you are in one at the time it can be a little alarming when the car no longer responds to the buttons you push.

I happened to be down at the snack counter today during one, and it was entertaining to watch people's reactions as a crowd slowly built up by the security magnetometer - they won't let anyone through during the drill/alarm, of course, and where would they go even if they did? Most people are okay with it - they'll chat with the guards or go have a smoke - but occasionally you'll get someone who is determined to be upset about something. First they're annoyed at having to go through the search and metal detector at all; then they're upset because the guards won't run them through right now. These people often seem congenitally unable to follow directions - it's not much of a wonder they are coming in to the IRS walk-in office to talk about their tax returns.

So there it goes: another day, another green, blue, electric yellow dollar...

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