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yet more trivia

Tedious follow-up to this morning: arrived 8:01 a.m. according to Wallace & Gromit, 7:58 a.m. according to the computer, and 8:07 a.m. according to the phone. No wonder I feel schizoid at times. (N.B. spell-check offered "sanitized" as an alternate to my original mis-spelling of 'schizoid'.)

Discovered last night there is no way humanly possible to put my hair in two ponytails and not look 12 years old. This in spite of the rampant grey. Up, down, forward, back - doesn't matter if they're over my ears or at the nape of my neck, I look twelve. I think it has something to do with the fineness of my hair - by the time I've wrapped the band around the smaller amount of hair enough to actually hold it, it's tightened to the point that the ponytails stand straight out from my head, which I think contributes to the illusion.

I'm debating about heading home early - I'm caught up with work, and fidgety as all hell. I think I'd rather save the leave, though. I'm seriously considering attending the San Diego Comic Convention this year, for one thing. And even if I'm not working here at that time, Annual Leave gets cashed out when you go, if you have any on the books.

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