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la triviata

Yesterday: 7:59 and counting. Still a victory as far as I'm concerned, and I'm trying hard not to care how pathetic it sounds. Oh well, if I let theoretical opinions of my level of pathos affect my behavior I'd stay curled in a little ball in the corner 24/7.

Picked up a game called RahJongg at one of the discount stores this weekend, thinking it would be like Shanghai (which I miss, and should probably just google for instead of attempting to satiate myself with inferior substitutes) or one of the other mahjongg tile matching games. It is, sort of. But the tile matching algorithm is a little different, and I haven't quite gotten a feel for it yet. I miss fairly obvious matches because I don't recognize them as possibilities. I wonder if they even make Shanghai for a non-Mac platform...

And so it goes.

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