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How on earth did I get so exhausted when it's only 7:45 p.m.? My schedule is so wonky... Actually, on further reflection it's perfectly normal for where I am in my cycle - I've noticed I go through a phase of sleeping more just before and during, then sleeping less just after. How nice that the human body is so complicated as to provide such food for thought...

I did actually drag my sorry carcass into work - by 10 a.m. even, so I only needed to use 2 hours of sick leave. Pretty pointless my being there today, though I did find out that the bulk of my customers got new phone numbers without bothering to update me... you can tell by that just how much value they feel I add to their process, and how regularly we speak on the phone. Tomorrow, at least, I have a reason for going in - a conference call at the crack of dawn. Ok, 8 a.m. - but that's the official start of my tour of duty, so to actually be ready and logged in to the phone by the time the call starts, I have to show up at 7:30 a.m. Gotta love those East Coast conference call schedulers...

I know, quit whining - at least I *have* a job. Yeah - whatever. I'm going to bed.

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