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The Fresno-based group that I belong to at work is far, far more touchy-feely than any group I've been part of up here. They were bad under Fred, but they're even worse under Nancy, the new boss. One facet of this is they often send CARE-type packages with little gifts and doodads around various holidays.

It makes me feel kind of strange, since I don't exactly give much back in that regard. So far I've managed to cope - though I've never really been a collector of, of, of the kind of stuff that people collect, either at home or in their cubicles at work. I'm a cat person, but I've never collected cat stuff per se - I'm not unhappy to get items decorated with cats, but I don't feel the need to own dozens of cat figurines, stuffed toys, etc.

However, the issue here isn't even cat-laden stuff. It's snowmen.

You see, during the 'get-to-know-you' phase of one of our meetings early on, my cohort in crime Helen mentioned she likes snowmen. Sort of collects them, even - though not slavishly. She's into cross-country skiing, so it makes a certain amount of sense even. The problem is that somehow the Fresno group seized on that remark (because they don't get snow, perhaps?) and began sending trinkets, ornaments, and so forth to Helen in the shape of snowmen, or with pictures of snowmen on them. Worse, they've conflated me with the snowmen collecting crowd, so we get twice as many as we otherwise might. I'm starting to dread packages with a return address in Fresno, a bit.

I don't dislike snowmen - I'd never really even thought about them as an icon until I started getting them so often. The latest wave arrived today - um, epiphany gifts? I don't know - and now, sitting on the table outside our cubicles is a phalanx of no less than eight snowmen table decorations, plus three additional snowman ornaments in the ficus tree.

I'm starting to feel a trifle menaced. Sort of like at my mother's house around christmas - but she collects creche scenes and nativity sets, so numerically the forces there are far superior.

I don't really love snowmen enough to want to take them home, either. With luck I'll be able to foist them off on Helen for her collection - though if this keeps up she may well be sick of snowmen herself before the season is over. I appreciate the thought - or at least, I'm certainly trying to...

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