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the latest cat toy:

a folded up plastic bag tucked into an old FedEx box, sitting on end.

No, really - Xiombarg gets up on a different box, sitting above the box with the plastic bag, then reaches down and hooks the plastic bag on a claw, and pulls it out of the FedEx box. I'm not sure why she gets such a kick out of taking things out of other things, but it's an across-the-spectrum behavior: if I leave any of my dresser drawers open, she will thoughtfully remove all my clothing in the same fashion, piece by piece, and drop it on the floor.

Maybe I can get her a job in a sub-department of the Ministry of Putting Things On Top Of Other Things. I'd have to see about getting her a UK work visa, though.

Mind you, it's not like she didn't get a bunch of toys for the holiday, both official and not. Mom got her a new fuzzy mouse, a catnip wreath, and a shiny crinkly ball. She's also adopted a number of stray ribbons, which I regretfully have to take away from her before she eats. Silly cat.

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