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no phone no pool no pets

Having reset my cell phone so that it never roams simply means that I spend most of the time not having service. This is not a solution, contrary to what Qwest seems to feel.

Even when I'm not feeling anti-social, my accoutrements conspire against me...

I did have a nice time yesterday hanging out with Carol & Ulysses watching Firefly, then Sharkins came and carried me off to go dancing at the Vogue with her and Rachel.

Part of me wants to go down and go swimming, but I'm just afraid it will be too cold for words, heated pool or no.

Xiombarg, at least, is eating normally again - which I will take as a vote of approval for the new food. Kudos to the Mud Bay Grainery for their help and willingness to dole out free samples. The regular crunching of kitty kibble is music to my ears.

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