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the weather out there is frightful

My brother's plane from Newark, NJ to Seattle last night was somewhere in the neighborhood of two hours late, due to snow, more snow, and the need to de-ice. Makes me happy all we've had to deal with is really cold rain, with the snow in the mountains where it belongs.

It was kind of a strange serial Christmas - I was at Mom's in Bremerton from mid-day Tuesday, but Ted wasn't able to join us due to illness. So yesterday afternoon she and I gathered up his gifts and went over to his place in West Seattle. Then I came home (since I have to work today) and they went off to SeaTac to wait for Paul & Cordelia to arrive from NJ. I'll probably hook up with them this weekend, they are out here until the 4th of January or so.

It was pleasant just kind of hanging out at Mom's. We played Scrabble and listened to music; watched some concerts on television - it was pretty mellow. Thankfully Mom's taste in carols runs to the esoteric and baroque. I can enjoy the music without reference to the referents, so to speak. Versus suffering yet another case of hamster-brain about the realities of sheep-herding vs. what is described in most lyrics.

So, yeah - strange, but in a good way.

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