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I have a clingy cat who likes nothing better than to be sitting on all four of my limbs. Thus she knows she is the center of my attention.

I appear to be teething. Rather, I think the root tip from my final wisdom tooth extraction is working itself out - but I've got a sharp pointy bit in my gum back there, and it's annoying and painful. Never quite painful enough for me to phone up the dentist - especially since I have a cleaning/exam scheduled for the 30th already - and so far the ibuprofen has been the equal of the soreness when it acts up.

I'm getting better at this Piaget volumetric stuff - managed to correctly estimate this morning how much coffee from the tall thin cylinder would fit in the short squat cylinder, thereby not spilling coffee all over the countertop. Pity thing is one generally develops these abilities as an infant, not a middle-aged nullipara. Well, I always claimed to be a late bloomer.

After seeing the Firefly pilot last night, and recalling the ostensible reasons for the Fox executives choosing not to air it (too wordy, not enough action) I am struck once again by differences in language usage across society. To be honest, it is one of the better pilot episodes I've seen - many, simply because of the role they are called to fill (quick - introduce a new world-view, 3-5 main characters, 7-10 back-up characters, plus give us hints about story lines, history, pacing, character interaction and possible futures, make it interesting AND do it all in under two-hours-plus-commercial-breaks) tend to suffer from various flaws. The Babylon 5 pilot, for example, is good but suffers from the length of time that passed between its air date and the commencement of the show proper - actors had moved on to other contracts, resulting in some character shuffling and story line reweaving. I guess Fox executive mean something else than I do when they say 'action'.

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