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ok, I'm officially a geek

I am sending off postcards in support of UPN picking up Firefly a la the Firefly: Immediate Assistance site.

I don't normally do this kind of stuff. In fact I'm pretty certain I can say I've never actually written to a television network before, and certainly not in this capacity. Even though science fiction fan is one of my core labels, I've never really shown my love of the genre other than buying books and beaming my emotions out into the aether. Well, and working on SF conventions, but that's kind of disease in its own right.

So why now - why this show and no other prior? For once I can actually answer that question:

No noise in space.

That's right. For instance, if they do an exterior shot, they do not have engine noises erroneously travelling through vacuum. I think even Alien, with the tag line "In space, no one can hear you scream," violates that particular law of physics. Really, that failure isn't something I would have said I consciously noticed - but to have my expectations of disappointment NOT be fulfilled was enough to have me dancing around the room with glee.

God and the devil are both in the details, and so far Firefly has managed to get it right. Plus it has complex characters, interesting and relevant story-lines, and pushes my Pioneer Heritage button 'cause it's a Western in Space. So there you go.

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