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not bad for a Monday night

I went to see The Resurrectionist last night - the Seattle premiere/opening party at the Little Theater. I chose the first showing because 1) I went over right after work, to avoid the sucking black hole of going home and then not wanting to go back out, and 2) I figured (and rightly so) that like most events of this nature - artistic, free - things would get going later than the advertised time.

I may well have been the only person in the audience the director didn't know by name... I was certainly the only one in attendance in a blue goretex rain parka; black leather (trenchcoats mostly) was the order of the day. I ran into and briefly chatted with greenwood and said 'hi' in passing to gravesme - he's the star of the film, by the by. I think most of the cast was present, actually.

I liked it. Interesting, mysterious, reasonably well-crafted - Jason Soles, the director, mentioned it was the first project he'd done since school. He seemed delightfully all a-twitter in a manic (rather than a panicked) fashion. There were no "oh that's right, this is an amateur production" moments to throw you out of the story. Definitely some interesting effects (or should I say FX). Rumor has it they plan to release DVD and VHS versions - I may have to pick one up, and not just to support the locals, either.

Moving backward in time, I went to dinner at the Kingfish Cafe before the film. It's a Southern restaurant I've wanted to eat at for a while - although it probably would have made more sense to get my ass in gear before I became vegetarian... Still, they did have a couple of meatless entrees, and what I had was excellent. It definitely lived up to the glowing reviews. I got the Downhome Mac and Cheese - they add mushrooms and red & yellow peppers to a delicious multi-cheese sauce, baked over the traditional elbow macaroni. It's served with a wild greens salad that was also really tasty. The staff ran the gamut from cute to gorgeous, too - so that was nice as well. I'm not surprised now that there was a clumped line of people waiting to be let in when they opened at 6 p.m.

I occupied myself between my arrival in the neighborhood just after 5 p.m. and dinner by wandering around a Holiday Gift shop in that same neighborhood. It seemed sort of like a permanenet bazzaar, with a variety of ornaments, collectables and trinkets. 98% of them at the moment were Christmas related, of course. There was plenty to look at, though, and it was warm and dry, so it served my purposes handily. I even found a couple of things to purchase to justify my occupation of their space. Even when I'm not feeling terribly holiday spirited, I like looking at stuff just to look - see what people are making and selling, that sort of thing.

So that was my Monday evening. Quite pleasant, actually. Tonight is the Tori Amos show at the arena...

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