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Somewhere along the lines my email address has been sold to a firm that subscribed me to the Republican National Committee's eChampions list. I had no idea I was in the proper demographic for that to happen.

That doesn't make it any less annoying, mind you. What's depressing is I'm starting to dislike email. I already hate the phone. Soon there's going to be no way to get ahold of me at all...

Speaking of the phone, I got my wireless bill. Still separate from the other bill, of course. And with $10 of roaming fees, from my phone going into analog roam at random moments. So I phoned customer service and made them take the charges off my bill. I didn't have my phone with me, so I have to call back to 'troubleshoot' my way through attempting to figure out what is wrong. I am not terribly hopeful they will have anything to tell me, however.

I did submit a rather lengthy complaint to the State Attorney General about Qwest, and I've received a confirmation email and physical letter that they are processing it. Again, I doubt anything will come of it, but it was mildly cathartic to add my drop to the bitch bucket. I know people who are pretty happy with Verizon service - I may migrate fairly soon.

The first CSR, the one I reached through the phone tree path of 'wanting to discuss my bill' closed our conversation with some insanely perky question about Qwest wanting to provide superior customer service, and had they done so today? I said "so far" since she was transferring me to the wireless division for further conversation about the problem; she laughed. So obviously the complaints are having an impact - just not a terribly useful one. The gentleman from the wireless department had no such concerns, in comparison. Just as well, he was more than a touch condescending.

"Thank you again for your willingness to stay informed" says the RNC email. Bah. I'm not unwilling to stay informed, but I'm not entirely certain their mailings would be terribly informative.

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