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Coffee and dinner last night with my friend Devon (in town before jetting off to Japan) and amnotsurly. We may have lured him into the lj morass, hard to say. I promised to send him a code, though, and did.

Found an interesting article yesterday by the woman I am coming to hope may be my graduate advisor. I'm trying not to get too many of my hopes up - there's still getting accepted, plus it is difficult to tell whether you will click with someone without meeting them. As my non-existent career in Linguistics bears witness.

One good thing about this apartment complex, they fix critical stuff rapidly. Yesterday I woke up to the scent of something scorching, and discovered that there was no airflow coming from one of my little Cadet heaters, along with some disturbing pings and popping noises. So I shut off the heat and submitted a maintenance request on my way to work. It was taken care of when I got home.

The biggest thing on my mind at the moment is whether to take a buy-out from work. Part of the quandary is finding out whether I am actually eligible - in typical government fashion I have two different memos saying two different things, one that I am and one that I am not eligible. It's far more tempting than it should be - it tastes like freedom lurking just on the other side of the wall. It would mean straightened financial circumstances quite a bit earlier on, and then there's the question of what the hell to do about medical coverage - my meds are in the neighborhood of $90 a month with insurance, I shudder to think what they cost unsubsidized. So I'm investigating. The catch is the decision deadline is Friday the 13th, and if you do accept, you have to leave by December 31st. And you can't accept Federal employment in any form for five years without having to pay the buy-out funds back...

Like I say, a quandary. Maybe Atlanta will get back to me and solve the problem by telling me I'm simply not eligible... or maybe this is one of those Risks one is supposed to have to shut one's eyes and take. Dunno - but I'd best get on the stick about figuring it out, eh?

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